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  • Chinchilla History
    - Author Scott Barnes - The Chinchilla has been around for a long time and scientists believe they are direct descendants of the Pre Historic Megamys. They were Chinchilla like animals but much larger then the present day Chinchilla and were found in the Permian deposits in Argentina... pop
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  • Chinchilla Research Fund
    - Sent to us by The MCBA - "Reference Values for Healthy Chinchillas". This is a clinical study to determine normal blood, urine, x-ray and cardiac values for healthy chinchillas.
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  • Chinchilla Time Line
    - 1829 The London Zoological Garden received their first chinchilla-the first one kept in captivity. It was of the Lanigera species. 1874 The first known chinchilla ranch was founded in Chile 1923 Mathias F. Chapman brings 11 chinchillas to California and starts the first US herd...
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  • Chinchillas The Scientific Breakdown
    - Article compiled by Anjela Ross - This indepth article breaks down the whole of the classes that a Chinchilla can be included into.
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    - Authored by Kurt Benirschke, with Peter Kaufmann - There are six species in this family of South American rodents, perhaps the most remarkable, from a reproductive point of view, is the viscacha. But there is also debate in the literature whether Chinchilla brevicauda should not be listed as a subspecies of the animal under discussion...
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  • Save the Wild Chinchillas
    - Save the Wild Chinchillas, Inc. - Chinchillas are endangered due to exploitation of the animal for fur. Protected wild populations continue to decline. Its habitat is threatened by human land alterations in north central Chile. Without funds, research and conservation wild populations will be extinct in the near future...
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  • The Extirpation and Current Status of Wild Chinchillas
    - Author Jaime E. Jiménez - The short-tailed chinchilla, Chinchilla brevicaudata, and the long-tailed chinchilla, C. lanigera, were once widely distributed along the central Andes and adjacent mountains...
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