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  • Cartoons
    - Captions by Jo Ann McCraw pop
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  • A Day in the Life of Chuckie Chinchilla
    - Written by Cathy - Wow, I cant believe its 7:00 in the morining and Mommy hasn't come to play with me yet. Usually she is up around 6:00.........I am glad when she is up that early, that way, when she gets up, she takes me out and lets me run around the bathroom...
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  • A New Home
    - This story was written by several members through our Short Shory Activity
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  • Chinchilla Occupations
    - Author Amanda Dean-Wilson - Have you ever wondered what types of occupations your chinchillas would have if they had to go to work? Would they be salesman, scientists, or possibly Elvis performers?
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  • Chinchillas Anonymous
    - Author Amanda Dean - As I walked into the room filled with giddy laughter and excited conversations, I felt my heart beating so loudly. The meeting commenced with the main speaker asking if anyone new was in the audience tonight. I cautiously rose and he invited me to the front of the room. I quietly squeaked into the microphone, "Hi, my name is Amanda and I am addicted to chinchillas (the disease is better known as chinitis)"...
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  • Daisys Midnight Adventure
    - Written By Alison Jones - One day, I was given to a new owner who loved my soft fur and my full rounded body. She also liked my neighbour, a beige male called Donald. I like him as well, he was quite handsome, for a beige...
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    - Written by Andrew Winn - For many full moons, Dracuchilla had remained hidden away, in the secluded comfort of his homeland dust bath. Hidden from prying eyes, tucked away in a forgotten cupboard at the back of the lab where he had once been imprisoned by his arch enemy, Prof. Leo Von Braun, Dracuchilla had been doing a lot of thinking...
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  • If Chinchillas Could Place Personal Ads
    - Author: Lori Earle - I thinking one day what would it be like if chins could place their own personal ads? Here are a few I came up with, trying to keep in mind a chinchilla’s point of view...
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  • Naughty Chins!
    - The lights went out in the Chinchilla room, leaving it lit only by the light of the moon on the clear evening, glinting in through the window. The chinchillas sat quietly, almost as if contemplating what they should get upto first! Night time was always an adventure...
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