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Before You Buy (19)
Articles on things you need to know before you buy your first chinchilla.
Housing and Cages (8)
Articles about cages, cage supplies, and how to clean them.
New Owners (11)
Articles for first time owners and stories of other new owners experiences.
Toys and Treats (7)
Home-made chinchilla treats, toys, and cage accessories.


  • Is it a Male or Female?
    - Author Jamie - Determining the sex of a chinchilla is very simple and can be determined right from the moment it is born. The hardest part is just getting a good look at that area...
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  • Making Time for Chinchillas in a Busy Schedule.
    - Written By Kristy McFee - With the busy schedules of society today sometimes we need to step back and take a look at our schedules to figure out our priorities and what we have time for. In the recent months leading up to the beginning of school I have seen a lot of college students giving up their animals...
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  • So You Want to Litter Train Your Chinchilla
    - Author: Debra J. Housel - I think it's a good idea to litter train your chinchilla if you want your cage to stay cleaner and smell better. However, in my experience it must be done when the chin is young or s/he will never learn...
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  • Why
    - Author Jo Ann Bernstein - A question as old as the ages, but still being asked. Asked over a multitude of subjects and with just as many and even more answers. Today it is chinchilla-related "Why?s".
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