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  • Chinchilla Toys
    - members share their chinchilla's favorite toy items.
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  • Chinchilla Treat
    - With Christmas right around the corner you may be wondering what sort of treat you can give to your chinchillas. Here is a recipe for that special fur ball in your life submitted by Amber Stamper. Just remember to give treats in strict moderation.
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  • Homemade Chin Toys
    - Author Jamie Huggins - With a herd of over 50 chinchillas itís just too expensive to buy store bought toys for everyone but I wanted to give my animals something to play with that would help keep their teeth healthy. I decided I would try to save money and make my own cage toys...
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  • Make it yourself cage supplies
    - Author Jamie Huggins - As owners of over 40 chinchillas we learned long ago that we would have to improvise to be able to provide our chins with everything we wanted for them. Through trial and error and sometimes quite by accident we have come up with some great chinchilla items from some pretty unlikely places...
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  • Wood Choices, What Works?
    - Written By Lauren von Lehe - At some point in chinchilla ownership you will be faced with choices involving wood. Itís a popular choice for bedding, used to make leaping ledges, and part of almost any chew toyís construction. However, not all wood can safely be a part of your petís environment...
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