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  • A Chinchilla Playroom Design
    - Author: Bill, Jeri and of course Bo Diddley - These are pictures of our chin named "Bo Diddley", Bo for short. and a layout we did for him in our spare bedroom for his exercise...
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    - WITHOUT KILLING YOU AND YOUR ANIMALS - Author Lani Ritchey. Which products are safe and which are not.
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  • More Custom Cages
    - Author Sharon Buckley - The upper part of this cage was made by It is 4 feet wide by 5 feet high. It houses my four male chins. The side and top panels are 1/2 wire. The back panel is laminate which I applied a wall mural to...
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  • Show & Tail
    - Members Show Their Custom Built Cages
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  • The New Cage
    - Author: Debbe Strege - Last week I finally received a long awaited for new, big and wonderful cage for 3 of my standard grey chins....I have been so excited to get this cage because it has 4 levels and it really gives the chins the ability to do very much what they like to do...
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