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  • A Breeder's Plea ...A Chinchilla's Prayer
    - Author Jo Ann Bernstein - When you take the responsibility of adopting a chin, you are holding the life and health of one of God's creatures in your hands. Please, make sure you are able to give this precious fur-ball all the love and care it deserves and needs.
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  • A Chinchilla is a special pet
    - Written By Anjela Ross - Nowadays, you have so much choice when it comes to choosing a pet. Pets enchance our lives with their love, the interest they give you, the knowledge in learning how to best care for a pet etc.. I feel that even if you are not an amazing animal lover, it is still important and special to have a pet to love, care for and nurture...
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  • Basic Intro To Chins
    - Author: Chinny Otaku - As a breeder of chinchillas, I've found them to be wonderful pets and companions. These soft balls of warm fluff are sure to brighten anyone’s day with their behavior and seemingly chaotic activity. However, one should not purchase a chinchilla without first researching their care to be sure they can provide the best home possible for their new found friend...
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  • Choosing a Chinchilla
    - Author Dr. Marty Hull - Our preference is to buy a chinchilla directly from a reputable breeder rather than at a pet store. A good breeder will know the chinchilla’s history, personality and can answer your questions. Often, you are able to see the parents and siblings of the chinchilla you have selected. In smaller herds (between 50 and 90 chinchillas), breeders are often able to handle the babies daily from birth. These chinchillas will tend to be more socialized and may be easier to tame...
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