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Articles on things you need to know before you buy your first chinchilla.
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Articles about cages, cage supplies, and how to clean them.
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Articles for first time owners and stories of other new owners experiences.
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Home-made chinchilla treats, toys, and cage accessories.


  • A Pet Chinchilla is Nothing to Sneeze at!
    - by Joanna and Haddie - Sneezing was my best friend which is why I was forced to not have any small pets. I was so sad. I did not know what to do until one day I was web surfing with my sister and we came upon this funny looking squirrelly thing that looked like it had been caught in a DNA jumble yet it was the cutest thing I had ever seen...
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  • Chin-Proof Your Home
    - Author Jamie Huggins - Letting your chinchilla play outside of itís cage can be a lot of fun for both of you, but first you must be sure he will be safe...
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  • Chinchilla Health and Care Guide
    - Author Christi - Body temperature: 96.8 -100.4F Heart rate: 100 beats/minute Puberty: 8-10 months Breeding season: November - May ...
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  • Chinchilla Mischief
    - Members share their stories of how their chinchillas love to get into trouble!
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    - Author Carole Kessler - Summer time is here and with it Hot and Humid Weather which can be life threatening for chinchillas. In this article we will present many different alternatives to air conditioners for pet owners who do not have them...
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    - Author Carole Kessler - Chinchillas are part of the rodent family and therefore, are only doing what comes naturally: Chewing!!! It is very important to have a safe area for you pet chinchilla to play in. It would be great if we could all have a special room for our chinchillas to play in, and to be free of any and all accidents. Since this is not a probability, we need to put our thinking caps on, and find a way to fool proof our homes...
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  • Hints for Chin Owners
    - Author: JoAnn - Caution and quick action are two of the most important words when caring for your chins. Things can happen very quickly with chinchillas...
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  • Hints for New Chin Owners and Chin Owners-to-be
    - Author JoAnn - As a chinchilla owner cleanliness is a must. Your chin's cage needs to be cleaned no less than once a week. A mixture one ounce of tinctured iodine, (7%) with about 5 gallons of water is a good anti-bacterial cleaning agent...
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  • Hints for New Chin Owners and Chin Owners-to-be
    - Author JoAnn - Each chinchilla has a different personality. Some are happy to be left alone much of the time; others will constantly vie for your attention. Their 'attention getters' can range from low volume pleasing sounds to high-pitched loud squeals, from patiently standing at the cage door quietly, to rattling the cage door, making all the noise possible...
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