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  • Moving with Chinchillas
    - Written By Amanda Dean-Wilson- Moving can be an extremely stressful event in someone’s life. You have to pack up all your belongings, arrange for set up of utilities in your new home and end utilities in your old home, and then of course move and unpack. Most of us know the hassles and the stress of moving, whether it is an in town move or an out of town move...
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  • Pet Sitters How to pick them and what to leave for them?
    - Author Amanda Dean - At one point or another, we will all have to leave our animals in the hands of another person, whether we are going on vacation, to family gatherings or dealing with emergencies. It can be very difficult to leave your animals, not only because you will miss them, but also because you have to trust someone else to take care of their well being...
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  • Playing Opossum
    - Author Jamie Huggins- I believe all chinchillas should come with a warning…”We play opossum very well and will scare you to death!” I can’t tell you how many times I have walked by a chinchilla cage and had to look twice to be sure the chinchilla inside was breathing.
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  • Rescue Chin ... Or Not?
    - Author Jo Ann - When is taking in a chinchilla "in need" truely a rescue?
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    - Article compiled by Anjela Ross- This is a charity based in the UK that provides continuing education to small animal veterinarians to help them keep up to date on current practices and information
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  • Sydney’s Gift A Celebration of Life
    - Author: Amanda Dean - ...Sydney became ill on the evening of October 30, 2003 and despite everything we did for her, she passed away on November 3, 2003. During her last few days, she fought so hard for us. She knew how much it meant to us to see signs of improvement and she put her best effort forward to give us that. We spent her last nights cuddled together for hours for feedings and conversation. I will cherish that time I spent with her forever...
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  • Sympathy Paw
    - Author: Amanda Dean- All chinchillas have special tricks that they use to get attention from their families. My chinchillas are no different, each one having distinct antics to bring attention to themselves. Roo, our one-year old male reverse mosaic, has turned a frightening experience into an attention grabber. We call the rouse, ‘the sympathy paw’.
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  • Thanksgiving Chinchilla Rescue
    - Author Renee Trenholm - It seemed there would be nothing but gloom and doom for 16 scared and hungry chinchillas. Who would have thought that the misfortune of their human caretaker would give them hope for a brighter future?
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  • The Mountain family
    - Author: Beverly Brodsky - The sister of a friend of mine rescued Chinch and Mate Mountain from a "fur farm". Her sister moved out of state and couldn't take the chins. We decided to adopt, tame, and "marry" them. They had a short but productive union, resulting in two darling twins--Satin and Rocky...
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