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  • A Gift Chinchilla for Christmas?
    - Author Jo Ann - A Gift Chinchilla for Christmas? What a delightful idea! Or maybe not ... Let's look at it from several different angles ...
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  • A Rodent Love Story
    - Author Christel - A Chinchilla and a Cavy, is it true love?
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  • A Very Special Love Story
    - Author: Amanda Dean - Who says that a good woman can’t change a man? Roo, our one year old reverse mosaic male was always sweet to myself and my fiance, but to our other male chinchillas (or any other animal for that matter), Roo made it known he was not happy with their presence (he had been and insisted on continuing to be #1 chin)...
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  • Animal Caretaker Chic
    - Author Lori Earle - My husband handed me the lifestyle section of our local newspaper with a mischievous grin. “Here’s something that’s right up your alley,” he said, and sure enough, he was right. The headline read: “Farmgirl Punk Look Hits Paris Runways! Models Don Barnyard Inspired Designs.” I had a good laugh, thinking that this could be my one and only shot at being on the cutting edge of fashion. What a relief for a hard working, cage cleaning, chinnie caretaker!
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  • Chico Scares Away a Burglar
    - Author Christel - One Friday night last year during winter we were asleep when suddenly our male chinchilla Chico made his alarm call. It is not unusual for him to make this sound in the evening or at night when he hears something that sounds suspicious to him. I always go and check on him and talk to him in a calm, soothing voice...
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  • Making friends through Chinchillas
    - written by Alison Jones - ...For me, Chinchillas are not only cute, furry and adorable, but a way of making new friends, which is very important to me...
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