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  • How to Make Friends With Your Chinchilla
    - Author Jamie Huggins - When you first bring your new friend home give him some space to get used to the new environment. Expect your chinchilla to be a little afraid. Remember that he has traveled in a strange car, entered a new house, and a new cage. Even the tamest chinchilla can be withdrawn and frightened at first. Here is what I suggest for getting a new chinchilla to be your friend... pop
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  • Taming and Training Your Chinchilla
    - By Katrina E. Housel - Chinchillas are very clever, intelligent animals with a strong will of their own. However, with training, chinchillas can learn to urinate in a litter pan, to come out of the cage to you, and follow a few simple commands... pop
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    - Written by Elizabeth Gillespie - the human hand from the Chinchillas viewpoint pop
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  • Introducing Your Chinchilla
    - Author JoAnn - Introducing your chinchilla to you, your family, your house, and your pets.
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  • Training Your Chinchilla
    - Author JoAnn - Training your chinchilla to return to the cage, come when called, and to do tricks.
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