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  • Chinchilla Feeding Program
    - Author Carole Kessler - One of the most important factors to a healthy happy chinchilla is their feeding program. Their basic diet consists of chinchilla pellets and hay. The hay can be loose or hay cubes. You will find several different types of chinchilla pellets. They will be available in pet stores, feed stores, mills, and if you are fortunate, a chinchilla rancher who will provide you with their feeding program...
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    - Author Lani Ritchey - H opefully you read the labels on the feed bags or the feed tags attached to the bag. Those ingredients listed are the products that go into your feed. Each of those feed ingredients has a legal definition that defines stage of growth, preparation and end use. So let us look at the legal definitions for some common feedstuffs...
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  • How To Choose Good Hay
    - Author Lani Ritchey - What is hay ? Hay is defined at its very basic level as dried grass. In reality , there are many steps and chemicals that can go into the making of "dried grass".
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    - Author Lani Ritchey - ctually there are many steps to producing a quality feed. However premixing is the first crucial step in quality control. It actually matters when and how something is added to a mixture...
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