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  • A Case of Bumblefoot
    - Author Lori Earle - Bumblefoot is defined as an infection and/or inflammation of the footpad and connective tissues of the foot. Often a callous will grow on the bottom of the feet, and a crack will form or ulcerate.
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  • Chinchilla Health Problems
    - written by Anjela Ross - On the whole Chinchillas tend to be trouble free as far as illnesses go. They are not the type of animal that tends to suffer constantly with various problems. However, when a Chinchilla does become sick, they appear to go downhill very fast and need to be treated with urgency, as it is not uncommon for a Chinchilla to die within a couple of days from first noticing symptoms or lethargy in an animal...
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  • Chinchilla Questions
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  • Chinchilla Rehab: Rediscovering Your Bathroom
    - Author: Lori Earle - I’ve always felt that what recovering chins need is a change of scene – a small dose of playtime in a new environment that’ll distract them from being under the weather. What better place than your bathroom to provide some chinnie recreation? It’s small, easy to supervise and chock full of interesting architectural objects. With some care and foresight on your part, you can turn this area into a great little place for your chin to have a quick, therapeutic romp...
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  • Chinchilla Sickness- How Will I Know When My Chin is Sick?
    - Author Jo Ann - You may think this is a 'dumb' question, but no, it is a VERY important one! Many times you do not know until it is too late to save your little one. In the wild, a chinchilla that showed any signs of weakness, injury, or illness quickly became easy prey for predators. To protect themselves they would instinctively 'hide' any obvious signs of illness or injury. Unfortunately, they have retained this instinct, even today...
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  • Don't Let the 'Cure' Kill Your Chinchilla!
    - Author Jo Ann - Any time you have a chinchilla on an anti-biotic, they will tend to get 'stopped-up' because the anti-biotic will kill ALL bacteria ... GOOD and BAD ... the anit-biotic does not know the difference between the two...
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  • Fur Chewing
    - Author: Nicholle Stoller - Fur chewing is an undesirable trait that some chins develop. It is just what it sounds. The chin will chew it’s own and/or it's cage mate's fur off. They don't pluck themselves bald like hamsters do but the result is a rather moth-eaten looking chinchilla.
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  • Glucose Seizure
    - Author Nicholle Stoller - Never has anything terrified me more than when I walked in to my room and found Stormy in the throes of a seizure....
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  • Gut Feeling A Chinchilla facing severe pneumonia
    - Author: Amanda Dean - Has anyone ever told you, “Just go with your gut feeling” or “a mother just knows”? I have heard these sayings many times throughout my life but never understood how anyone could trust their gut feeling, after all, how does your gut know what’s right and what’s wrong. However, due to a recent occurrence with our Standard gray 11-month old chinchilla Wally, he helped teach me to trust those voices in my heart and gut...
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