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  • Grooming Seminar
    - Author Jo Ann- In March, 2003, we had a seminar sponsored by Jamie and the Chinchilla Club and hosted by Lee and Iris Musselwhite of Circle M Ranch in North Carolina. Here are the highlights.
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  • Grooming Your Chinchilla-Video Review
    - It is so hard to teach chinchilla grooming through an article or with still pictures and not everyone has the ability to learn the proper techniques from a breeder. That is why I was very excited to hear that there is now a video on how to groom your chinchillas...
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  • MCBA Annual Ohio Claim Show
    - Author: Missi Goldblatt - Much like most of you who belong to the club I am also enamored with the little furry angel we call the chinchilla. I am like a sponge thirsting for knowledge of the animal. Over the years I have learned a ton and met great people who have taught me so much. But as always with anything there is always a chance to learn more. I was recently invited to attend a M.C.B.A Chinchilla claim show in Mansfield, Ohio which took place the end of October...
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  • Preparing for a Chinchilla Pet Show
    - written by Anjela Ross - If you are entering a pet show for Chinchillas you will need to spend some time on your animals to get them looking nice. I will go through the stages of preparation for you, but a few important guidelines should be remembered also...
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    - Written By Anjela Ross - Attending a Chinchilla Show is a brilliant day out, whether you are entering your Chinchillas or not. It is very entertaining and a lot can be learned...
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  • The Chinchilla Show
    - November 15th, 2003, the Atlantic Chapter of the MCBA, sponsored the Southeast MCBA Show in Rock Hill, SC, hosted by Ann Ingram. The judge was Dave Woods, a veteran breeder of 18 years, a Director and President of the MCBA (Mutation Chinchilla Breeders Association, Inc.). Marla Gallagher was the official trainee-observer with Mr. Woods...
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