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  • Evaluating and Pairing your Animals
    - Author Jamie Huggins - Everyone wants to breed for the best chinchillas possible. It makes since that you will need good quality breeding stock, however even the best animals if not paired correctly may not give you top quality babies. No matter where you are in your breeding program if you haven’t taken the time to carefully pair your chinchillas you may be in for a big surprise. Just by moving around your females you may be able to improve the quality of the chinchillas your herd produces...
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  • Judging Quality in Chinchillas
    - Written By Lauren von Lehe - After learning more about the chinchilla, the first one, then second, and then third enters your life. As your computer browser opens information about feeding, care, and breeding, you find yourself surfing a registration site that lists chinchilla shows all over the country. “Hmmmm,” you think. It sounds like fun, but how do you know if your treasured pet will stand up to competition?...
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  • Understanding Quality Chinchillas
    - Author: Jamie Huggins- I have heard pet breeders say that because chinchilla quality is based on pelting requirements it’s not that important for our animals. I disagree. Even as pet breeders we should constantly be striving to breed the best possible animals. Here is what to look for.
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