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  • Chinchilla Birth
    - Author Anjela Ross - What happens when a chinchilla goes into labor.
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  • Fatherís Perspective on Pregnancy
    - Written By Amanda Dean-Wilson - Our focus is usually directed more on the soon to be mother, how she will carry the kits, will she be a good mother, will it be a difficult labor and will she produce enough milk? However, with one pair of chinchillas that we own, our focus is not only on the mother, but also on the father...
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  • Mummified Fetus Post Mortem
    - Author: John Myers - Please be advised. This page contains very graphic content, pictures of a mummified chinchilla fetus. Those with weak stomachs may wish to only read the report at the top and skip viewing the pictures.
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  • Our Big Surprise!
    - Author Stacey Sain - Ever since November of 2003 we had been watching and waiting for Sophie to deliver a litter of kits. She had gained so much weight that we just knew she was pregnant. She was displaying so many signs of pregnancy that I just knew she was going to give us kits. Well, we got two new kits but not from Sophie...
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  • Superfoetation
    - Author Debbie Cave - Superfoetation means the formation of a fetus while there is another fetus is already in the uterus.
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  • The Birth Of Loki
    - Author Emilie J. Conroy - Photos of a chinchilla birth step-by-step
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  • Unexpected Delivery
    - Author Stacey Sain - On February 12, 2005 I woke up to the most unexpected thing. One of my females had given birth to two standard gray kits. I was very happy but at the same time very concerned. We had been in the process of moving and I had been very busy with work and getting things packed that I never dreamed something like this could happen...
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