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  • 1000fur.html The Many Coats Of Patterns
    - Author Lani Ritchey - ...Pleiotropic genes have a dual effect or more than one type of phenotypic expression. There are several well-known lethal colors or color patterns...
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  • Homo or Hetero Beige? - How you can tell
    - Author: Jamie Huggins - It can be very hard to tell if your chinchilla is Homozygous or Heterozygous for the beige trait. Some Heterozygous chinchillas appear so light in color that you canít tell by fur alone. There are several ways to determine Homo vs. Hetero that will take the guess work out of it...
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  • Looking into the Philosophy and History of Genetics
    - Article by Anjela Ross - Have you ever wondered about how genetics came to be? How science evolved and we ended up where we are today? The roots of genetics go far back, with many wrong paths having been taken to find out exactly how living organisms work with regard to passing on DNA...
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    - Written By Anjela Ross - So you love Violets? I think just about everyone does. Although the Violet mutation is a recessive, you can still work to produce some unusual mutations that are very attractive and animals that look special and a bit different!...
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  • The Changing Looks of a Mosaic
    - Author: JoAnn - a look at how drastically a mosaic chinchilla can change color over the first 8 months.
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