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  • Breeding Techniques
    - Author Debbie Cave - Inbreeding, Line-Breeding, Cross Breeding, ect....
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  • Building a Herd, twice! ÖWhat Iíve learned about housing chinchillas.
    - Author Jamie Huggins - Iíve had the rather unique opportunity to build a herd, sell out, and then re-build again. While it was rather heartbreaking at times, it did give me a chance to correct past mistakes and I believe both my herd and I are better for it. Here is what I have learned.
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  • Chinchilla Breeding-The Facility
    - Author: Jamie Huggins - a look at what goes into a good breeding facility and how to set up your chinchilla breeding room.
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  • Lighting Affects Your Chinchilla
    - Author: Jo Ann - We are always discussing fresh water, a high quality chinchilla diet, fresh hay, fresh air, temperature control, clean bedding and regular baths for our little chinchillas, but, lighting is very important also. Lighting controls many things for the little chinchilla, as it does all living things...
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