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  • Breeding Chinchillas for Profit
    - Author: Jo Ann - Thinking about breeding chinchillas because it is profitable? Think again. Most people have no idea all the needs and the cost in the beginning and as time goes by...
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    - Written by Anjela Ross - Has anyone ever done this yet? Not to my knowledge. Having attended major Chinchilla shows in the past, seeing gorgeous Chinchillas, whom achieve excellent comments and points when they are graded, yet I have never seen one that got the maximum points on every section of his score card. Is it possible even to attain such a status of a 'perfect' Chinchilla?...
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  • Children and Chinchillas
    - Author Jamie Huggins - I am a stay at home mother with two small children and I also own a herd of 55 chinchillas. Iíve had people ask me how I can find the time to do both. What do I do with the kids when I need to work in the chinchilla building? Iíve also had motherís call me, interested in buying a chinchilla but worried that they shouldnít own one because they were told children and chinchillas donít mix. So in answer to those questions I though I would introduce you to my family...
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  • Chinchilla Breeding-Counting the Costs
    - Author: Jamie Huggins - I have been a chinchilla breeder for many years. When I was starting out I didn't know where to go to get good information about what goes into breeding and how to begin. I had many surprises and made lots of mistakes!...
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  • Do you have what it takes to be a breeder?
    - Author: JoAnn- There are many pros and cons to being a breeder and MANY things that need to be considered BEFORE deciding to become a breeder. I am going to be very blunt in what I say, but, for all the chinchillas of future breeders, I feel this is necessary. I will start with the hard questions you must ask yourself, and then go to the questions on the better side of breeding.
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  • Looking Back: My experiences as a breeder
    - Author Jamie - I have gotten a lot of questions over the years about breeding chinchillas. Is it easy? Is it profitable? Is it worth it? I can't answer these questions for everyone, but I can tell you my story and what breeding chinchillas was like for me.
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  • Pros and Cons of Breeding ... Before and After
    - Author: Jo Ann - Breeding is one of the most normal, natural things that can happen between a male and a female chinchilla ..... BUT ... all must be prepared for it ... plan ahead ... for you, your male chin and your female chin. Good health for all is a must, yes, even for you...
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  • When am I Considered a Breeder?
    - Author: Jamie Huggins - What am I considered a breeder? This is a question I have been asked and I have seen asked on forums over and over again. Technically if you have chinchillas that are breeding you are a breeder. What you should be asking is when am I considered a good and respectable breeder?
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