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  • A baby born with a missing eye?
    - Author: Bettina Hansen - According to the pet store owner the woman who had brought him in had told him that the baby was born without the eye. Having read that chinchilla babies are sometimes born with closed eyes and are unable to open them if they don't get help I doubted that - but it was my word against hers...
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  • A Pair of Special Kits (underweight kit)
    - Author: JoAnn - April 1, 2003, 3:00 PM, Dot had delivered two kits within the hour, both male. The black velvet weighed a healthy 48 grams, but the standard gray only 38 grams. Trooper, the black velvet, was snuggled to his momma nursing, but the standard gray, Joker, only lay close to his mother for warmth, not even trying to nurse...
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  • Baby Hunt
    - by Ryan Pritt -...At about 2:00am we picked up a hat and a baby fell out! We immediately put Cuddles and her baby in their own cage. The next morning we heard a noise in my parents' room. We searched everywhere. Then inside their TV stand we saw another one! We had found both of Cuddles babies! They escaped because the wire in their cage was 1" by 2". Since we had never had babies before we were not aware that they could escape...
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  • Breeding Nightmares!
    - Author Jamie Huggins - Things that can go wrong with babies.
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  • Is Your Cage Really Baby Safe?
    - Author Jo Ann - After accidentally letting Star have her kits, because I had the wrong due date, in a 1" X 2" cage and almost loosing them, you'd think I would learn!...
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  • It's a Miracle!
    - Author Jo Ann - Midnight & Star finally had another girl! This was only their second female kit out of 12 kits in 5 litters. She was a beautiful homo ebony kit like her older sister Raven, born two years ago. She had been born earlier this morning, about two weeks earlier than I had expected mom to deliver, so it was a wonderful surprise!...
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  • My Precious Peaches
    - Author Jo Ann - A story of struggle with premature kits.
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  • Nursing & Damage Control
    - Author: Jo Ann - Juliet, their mother, with missing fur and some blood on her chest. Apparently, the kits were fighting for a teat and the one that held on was pulled away from her mom, taking teat and all...
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